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NSBox-UPS-240/48: 48VDC-240VA, 4x Battery 7Ah
NSBox-UPS-155/48: 48VDC-155VA, 4x Battery 7Ah
NSBox-UPS-155/12: 12VDC-155VA, 1x Battery 12Ah

  NSBox-UPS-xx uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are designed to provide uninterrupted power for devices (PD) for outdoor IP video surveillance and access control systems, for wireless networks and other monitoring and control systems. The units are ideally suited for IP cameras, access points, small cells and any other DC load located outdoors.

  NSBox-UPS-xx are mounted in enclosures NSB-3838H2 / NSB-3860H2 with IP66 protection. The standard kit includes a mounting plate with DIN-Rails, a power supply complete with a battery 7Ah / 12Ah, terminal blocks, a circuit breaker, a set of cable glands and a climate control system. Climate control system consists of several thermostats, one or two fans and a heating element with a power of 55-75 W. The heating element is made on the basis of a self-regulating cable. The temperature of the heating element does not exceed 65°C. The thermostat can have regulators to adjust the temperature of the heater and fans.

  In factory configuration, NSBox-UPS-xx is a complete product for installation and operation in harsh climatic conditions (-40 ~ + 50°C) with wall or pole mounting. The device provides while ensuring critical loads remain protected and running during power outages and other power disturbances.

  But the main distinguishing feature of these devices is the possibility of installing any additional equipment inside the cabinet, which already has a climate control system. These can be PoE switches, PoE-injectors, any registration or monitoring systems.

Main Specifications :
Input voltage range: 100 ~ 240VAC, 120 ~ 370VDC
Housing: IP66 Protection, DIN Rail or Wall mounting
Protection of load and battery from short circuit, thermal (+ 60 ° C) battery protection
Operating temperature: -40 ~ +50°C
Dimensions / weight (with battery): 380x600x210 mm/ 20 kg for NSBox-UPS-240/48
Dimensions / weight (with battery): 380x380x210 mm/ 15 kg for NSBox-UPS-155/48
Dimensions / weight (with battery): 300x400x210 mm/ 10 kg for NSBox-UPS-155/12
NSBox-UPS-240/48 and NSBox-UPS-155/48:
Nominal output voltage: 55 VDC, with battery power: 55 ~ 42 VDC
Rated load current: 5.0A for NSBox-UPS-240/48, 3.2A for NSBox-UPS-155/48
Number of batteries 7Ah: 4 pcs; Battery charge current: 0.7A; Battery isolation voltage: 42 VDC
Nominal output voltage: 13,5 ~ 14VDC, with battery power: 13,5 ~ 10,5VDC
Rated load current: 3.0A
Number of batteries 12Ah: 1 pc; Battery charge current: 0.7A; Battery isolation voltage: 10,5VDC

Ordering Information
ModelsVendor codeFeatures
NSBox-UPS-240/48NU624D87Outdoor UPS 48VDC-240VA, 4x Battery 7Ah, NSB-3860H2, -40~+50°C
NSBox-UPS-155/48NU315D87Outdoor UPS 48VDC-155VA, 4x Battery 7Ah, NSB-3838H2, -40~+50°C
NSBox-UPS-155/12NU315D22Outdoor UPS 48VDC-155VA, 4x Battery 12Ah, NSB-3040H2, -40~+50°C
NSBon-01R2584000Pole Mount Kit for wall-mounted enclosures